Stara Sokolova

The Spirit

Stara Sokolova means “Old Falcon” and is derived from the historical name of the Drina River’s watershed in Western Serbia. Stara Sokolova delivers a potent mix of Bogdanovic legendary production with flavour and smoothness that has been enjoyed by Serbians all over the world.

Tasting Notes

Distilled from traditional plum varieties, Stara Sokolova Slivovitz is uniquely smooth with vanilla, orange blossom and earthy notes on the nose. Stara Sokolova plum brandy is best enjoyed extremely cold as a digestif, or as a dessert on its own on a hot summer night.

The Distillery

Stara Sokolova (Old Falcon’s) originated from centuries-long tradition of the Bogdanovic – Krivajci family from the village of Kostojevici near Bajina Basta. Its name was derived from its home region, the area of the western Serbia along the river Drina which, at the time of the Turkish reign, was named Sokolskanahija after the mediaeval town of Soko (Falcon).

Spirit Facts

LCBO # 576355
Producer Halsinco Limited
Country Serbia
Alcohol 40%
Sugar 0 g/l
-The Best of Serbia “Najbolje ix Srbije”