Yambolska Grape Brandy

The Spirit

Yambolska Grape Brandy one of the most popular products of Vinprom Yambol. Brandy is known as a RAKIA in Eastern Europe – it’s the local term for any fruit brandy. Vinpom Yambol has produced grape brandy since the 1930s by distillation of wine from selected grape varieties – Red Misket, Rkatsiteli and Dimyat following an original unique process. It is an authentic Bulgarian drink!

Tasting Notes

Yambolska Grape Brandy offers vanilla and toasted nut aromas with a lightly sweet powdered sugar and pepper fade finish. It is a light golden colour and has a mild, harmonious, well-balanced taste.

The Distillery

One of the oldest wine cellars in Bulgaria is established, later transformed to Villa Yambol. New production facilities were introduced in Yambol in 1975, that converted the cellar into the largest and most modern winery in Southern Bulgaria. Today Villa Yambol produces a full range of wines, including sparkling wines, and a range of RAJKIA and brandies.

Spirit Facts

Vintage # 123646
Producer Vinprom Yambol Jsc
Release Date 05/27/2017
Country Bulgara
Region Thracian Valley
Style Brandy
Alcohol 40%
-GOLD medal – International Wine and Spirits Competition