LBV 2009

Portugal - VINTAGES#: 400697

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Burmester LBV 2009


In 1730, Henry Burmester and John Nash founded Burmester & Nash in London, a cereal trading company. They moved to Vila Nova de Gaia and in 1750 began shipping port wine to the British Isles and the rest of Europe. The family name originates from the German word ‘Burgmeester’, meaning ‘mayor’ – as the family came from the small north Germany city of Moelln. The firm was dissolved at the end of the 18th century, when Henry Burmester Jr. and his two sons, Fredrick and Edward, set up a new port wine company, H.Burmester & Sons.

The Wine

Attractive and intense violet colour. With a classic nose from “Quinta do Arnozelo”, this wine presents an exuberant and strong bouquet, standing-out red fruit aromas and delicate floral nuances. In the taste, it is concentrated and complex, finding the perfect balance between the tannins and the acidity. A wine with an excellent deepness and a long finish..

Tasting Notes

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