Napoleon VSOP Brandy - 375mL

France - LCBO#: 892315

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Cortel Napoleon VSOP Brandy - 375mL


The Gemaco company was founded by the regrouping of several firms in the Cognac region, all of them more than a century old. Gemaco has inherited from these businesses a unique experience in the production and marketing of cognac and brandy.

The Wine

Cortel Napoleon VSOP brandy (shortened colloquially to Cortel) is one of the finest cognacs available on the market today. Aged in wood casks and sealed with a cork enclosure, rather than the typical screw cap, Cortel Brandy is distinctly sophisticated while still being accessible and modern. Available in a 375 mL bottle version as well.

Tasting Notes

Bronzed amber in colour with a slightly old woody, caramel nose and a pleasant, smooth, non-descript caramel brandy taste. Quite full bodied soft with a sweet finish.

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