12 Year Old Straight Wheat Whiskey

Canada - LCBO#: 394296

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Masterson's 12 Year Old Straight Wheat Whiskey


Gambler, buffalo hunter, army scout, gunfighter and newspaperman, William “Bat” Masterson did it all and did it well. And what better way to honor such a rarefied man than with a truly exceptional whis- key. Crafted by artisans, distilled in a pot still and aged in white-oak casks for just over 12 years, it’s the kind of drink that Bat would’ve surely raved about.

The Wine

Masterson’s Wheat is crafted with choice Canadian wheat and mineral-rich glacial lake water, and it’s distilled in an old-fasioned copper pot – a symbol of thetimeless craftsmanship that went into this whiskey. Aging occurs in white oak casks and takes 12 years.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, you’ll discover a pleasant, slightly woody and vanilla-caramel scent. A sip will reveal a smooth taste, including a light chocolaty flavor that lasts longer in the mouth.

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