Santa Alicia
Carmenere Reserva

Chile - LCBO#: 309302

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Santa Alicia Carmenere Reserva


Located in the famous Maipo Valley, Santa Alicia is an innovative winery utilizing the latest cutting-edge winemaking techniques. Methods such as microclimate research, colonial selection, extensive laboratory analysis, and controlled fermentations result in wines of exceptional purity and character. However, it is the winery’s use and respect of traditional methods that truly elevate its wines to the next level. Hand picking early in the morning, fermentation in oak and stainless steel, and further ageing in French and American oak barrels yields wines of intense character and suppleness.

The Wine

Chile’s national bird and the largest (and one of the oldest living) flying bird in the world, the condor mates for life and the colour of its plumage changes depending on its emotional state. Once you try the Santa Alicia Carmenère Reserva, it is not difficult to see why the condor serves as its branding inspiration. This wine is bold, ripe and delicious with an intense red colour and an irresistable character. We suggest trying it with stuffed peppers, spicy sausage or firm cheese. A great value wine.

Tasting Notes

Containing a harmonious balance of plum, chocolate and black cherry flavour, the Santa Alicia Carmenère Reserva is accompanied by an elegant oak touch and smooth polished tannins. The after taste is deep and rich, with lingering flavours. Voluminous and well balanced, with delicate persistence.

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