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Yambolska Grape Brandy


SDue to our 90-year-old traditions in winemaking and rakia production, we are famous as the oldest winery in South Bulgaria. Founded in 1924, today Vinprom Yambol combines the traditions of the past with future technologies to create products that have become the benchmark for quality, both in Bulgaria and abroad. It all begins with the special attention and daily efforts on growing and developing the grapes. The company owns 9000 decares of vineyards and a priority in its investment program is to recultivate and plant 8 000 more decares. All processes in the production facility in Yambol and in the microvinification winery in Straldzha are organized with high precision adhering to the best national and European standards. The total capacity for grape processing amounts to 16 million kg. and the storage capacity amounts to over 18 million liters. With the same precision, the company develops major ranges, fulfils orders for the international market and develops boutique batches following the golden ratio of price/quality.

The Wine

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Tasting Notes

Yambolska Grape rakia is one of the most popular products of Vinprom Yambol and has been in production since the 30-ties of the last century. The varieties Red Misket, Rkatsiteli and Dimyat are used for the production of this rakia. Vinprom Yambol has developed and uses an original technology which makes it a favorite drink of many people. Yambolska Grape Rakia has a golden color and mild harmonious taste. It has extremely pleasant grape aftertaste.

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