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Rioja Bordon, Rioja Gran Reserva

Savoury and spicy with a deep, red berry essence and a smoky, chocolate spirit, this Spanish wonder has an international reputation for being best-in-class.


Pascual Toso Malbec/Limited Edition Malbec

With over 125 years experience, it is no surprise that Pascual Toso is the LCBO’s best Malbec. Both the Malbec and Limited Edition Malbec are sure to please.

$13.95 / $16.95

Cortel Napoleon VSOP Brandy

For over 100 years, CORTEL has produced brandies with finesse and richness, perfectly balanced with subtle, fruity aromas which will delight the palate.

$14.70 (375ml) / $26.25 (750ml)

Eurovintage has cultivated a global network of producers with a goal of bringing the finest wines and spirits to Ontario’s consumers.

Eurovintage is prepared for the market’s realities – with sound sales and marketing plans, strong packaging and pricing knowledge, and an understanding of the LCBO market dynamics.


Eurovintage is involved in all aspects of brand positioning; sales and marketing; regulatory compliance and is an acknowledged leader in the introduction, development and growth of wines and spirits in this competitive Ontario Market.

Supported by a network of highly-trained and knowledgeable territory representatives throughout the province, Eurovintage is able to identify and target opportunities to showcase its product offering.


Crucial to the success of the brands represented by Eurovintage is a team of dedicated representatives who are uniquely qualified to manage and grow their respective territories and to provide timely and accurate industry information such as up-to-date sales projections, market analysis and market trends. Sales personnel also regularly conduct wine tastings and attend industry tradeshows.


A team of in-house marketers develop, plan, and execute targeted marketing strategies, promotional programs, advertising, merchandising and public relations programs for Eurovintage International’s entire wine & spirits portfolio.


The Eurovintage team ensures that the rules and regulations required by government, licensee (HORECA) and private clients are serviced courteously, professionally and in complete compliance with provincial legal regulations.

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